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EX-YU membership

EX-YU special membership is meant for residents of following countries: Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. After you fill this form, we will get back to you through email with additional info about the terms of payment. 


After confirmation of all conditions listed below and payment of Escape membership, you will receive an online membership card which makes you become a member of Escape Community.

The Escape membership allows you to attend one of the Escape events which we organize this year on the Hvar island just for our members.

If you decide to cancel your coming to Escape you must notify us through our mail:

50€ Deposit - Non-refundable / The deadline to pay the rest of the sum is 01.06.2017.

When Escape receives the full payment for the membership, the same rules will be applicable as with the full payment.

In case you have to cancel your Escape, further rules will be applicable regarding the cancellation in terms of days before Escape dates:

30 days or more / loss of 50% of membership
29 days or less / loss of 100% of membership

In case that you are forced to leave Escape before the ending, we are not obliged on money return.

In case of Escape cancellation, we are obliged to return 100% of the membership cost, unless the event was cancelled due to a force majeure. Any other cost related to your trip to Escape is not refundable. Escape Community will not be liable in the case of any event which we could not foresee or avoid, such as force majeure. These events can include natural disaster, fire, war, terrorist activity, riot, chemical or biological disaster or similar events outside our control. If this leads to cancellation Escape is not responsible for paying any form of compensation. Due to island location, please have in mind that there may be changes in the weather conditions when you are coming or leaving Escape.

Escape Community is a special gathering meant for people that respect other members of the community and the natural surroundings. Our community is based on tolerance values, respecting differences on all levels. Any aggressive behaviour, physical or verbal will not be tolerated. It is highly forbidden to light a fire on the premises as it can be very dangerous for every individual at Escape as well on the whole island during the summer period. It is forbidden to throw trash and objects made of glass. It is also forbidden to have any illegal substances, weapons and similar. Please be respectful towards other Escapers in the early morning and late evening hours in terms of noise. In case of violations of already listed conditions, Organizer can ask the member to leave the spot. In this case, the membership is not refundable.

We warmly recommend that you travel with an insurance, because Escape will not take the responsibility or pay you compensation in case of any injury, illness, death, loss, damage or expense.

It is your responsibility to check on time whether you need a visa to visit Croatia. Please check your passport validity, because most countries now require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after your return date.

For any special requests regarding your stay on Escape you have to write us before becoming a member in order for us to react to your request. Furthermore, in case of any health issues or disabilities, please inform us so we could get back to you with info about the Escape location and its capacities in this context.

You can check-in at the Escape location from 10am onwards on the start date of your booking. You must check-out of the location by 6pm on the last day.